Under Australian law all manufacturers, importers and suppliers of hazardous chemical products to provide SDSs. Here are a number of tips to help you meet your legal obligations.

  1. Compile a list of all chemicals used at your facilities
    The first step is a preparation of an inventory of all chemicals. Determine which chemicals from the inventory meet the definition of hazardous chemicals. Finally, develop a way to track these chemicals. Keep track of when the new chemicals are introduced, or old products are replaced or updated.
  2. Train your employees
    Every employee who works with hazardous chemicals should be trained on how to handle them safely. Employees should know what SDS are and where to find the relevant information.
  3. Provide access
    All employees handling the hazardous chemicals need to have access to SDS’. The employer must ensure that employees have SDS at hand at all times, without leaving their work area.
  4. Update your SDS’
    Create procedures for the SDS updating. Select employees responsible for managing chemical inventory. Ensure that all hazardous materials are in the inventory and that you have the latest versions of SDS’.
  5. The new chemical approval procedure
    It is crucial that you have a procedure at hand for the admission of new chemicals. When introducing a new chemical in your processes, develop an internal procedure for selecting and approving this new chemical. Authorise only specific personnel for the approvals.
  6. Look for safer alternatives
    Always be on the lookout for safer chemical alternatives. It is in your company and employees’ interest to check for safer options. If there are no safer alternatives for the chemicals you use, ensure that your facilities are equipped with appropriate protective equipment to handle all of the risks.
  7. Use software solutions for the management of the Chemical Inventory
    Look for a software solution that can help you save money and time while still ensuring the safety of your workplace and compliance.

Lupin Chemical Management is a valuable, time-saving tool to quickly and accurately create GHS compliant Safety Data Sheet (SDS), product labels and other documentation. It also allows you to effectively manage your organisation’s library of safety data sheets.