Even when not in use, hazardous chemicals can still pose a risk. Some can cause or contribute to a fire or explosion, injure or poison people, damage property if they are stored unsafely.

Some hazardous chemicals are also not compatible with one another. When incompatible hazardous chemicals mix, they may cause an explosion, release toxic, flammable or corrosive gases, or corrode chemical containers.

It is important to identify incompatible hazardous chemicals and ensure that these chemicals are stored well away from each other so that it:

  • minimises the chance of any incidents and reactions, and
  • reduces the chance that stored chemicals will contribute to or worsen an incident.

You can refer to the Managing risks of storing chemicals in the workplace guide for more information about incompatible chemicals.

Storing hazardous chemicals safely

Storing chemicals safely in your workplace includes using the appropriate:

  • container
  • storage and handling systems
  • signs.

You must also keep a manifest and use placards if you store hazardous chemicals above a certain amount.

There are different requirements for storing in hazardous chemicals in bulk.