Whether you are a manufacturer or importer of chemicals, under Workplace Health and Safety Laws any business that stores or uses chemicals in the workplace must create and maintain GHS compliant Safety Data Sheets and Product Labels for every single product that are stored on your premises. Lupin Chemical Management Software is the very latest technology to manage chemicals in the workplace. It ensures that all your documentation is compliant and that it is instantaneously accessible.


The Complete Chemical Management Solution

Lupin Chemical Management is a valuable, time-saving tool to quickly and accurately create GHS compliant Safety Data Sheet (SDS), product labels and other documentation. It also allows you to effectively manage your organisation’s library of safety data sheets. In addition, it provides chemical stores management and a whole range of management reports.Lupin Chemical Management puts you in total control of all chemicals in your workplace and gives you the peace of mind that you are 100% compliant.



Create Compliant SDSs in Minutes

Cut the cost of creating, maintaining and accessing regulatory documentation. Create regulatory compliant SDSs and product labels with minimal data entry and intuitive screens to guide you through the process. It ensures that all your SDSs, Product Labels and other documentation are compliant and instantaneously accessible.


Simply Manage Dangerous Good Stores

Each store is allocated the maximum amount of Dangerous Goods by Class or Division it is allowed to hold. As new stock is received site administrators are automatically notified when the maximum stock level is exceeded.

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Automatic Email Alerts

Manufacturers and importers of hazardous chemicals must review and update the information in an SDS every 5 years. To ensure that your documentation is always current key stakeholders are automatically alerted by email 90 days before expiry date.


Chemical Stores and Risk Management

Lupin Chemical Management helps Identify workplace hazards, quantifies the risks and prioritises necessary corrective actions for chemicals stored and used within your organisation. Each store is allocated the maximum amount of Dangerous Goods by Class or Division it is allowed to hold. By manually or automatically altering the actual store holding, site administrators are automatically notified when the maximum stock is exceeded.

Risk management
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Web based Application

No additional IT costs

Access data anytime, anywhere on multiple devices

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100% Compliance


No Infrastructure Costs

Web-based solutions so there are no IT infrastructure costs. no software, no hardware you can be up and running instant



Be prepared for a WorkSafe Audit

A WorkSafe inspector could arrive at your premises unannounced at anytime to conduct an audit. So, it’s vital that you maintain accurate and compliant documentation. Non-compliant or expired SDS’s, incomplete or inaccurate documentation could cost you thousands of dollars in fines.

When you invest in Lupin Chemical Management you will…

Significantly cut costs

Cut the cost of creating and maintaining SDSs and product labels

Enhanced Business Productivity

Lupin Chemical Management will streamline your business processes and improve efficiency

100% Compliant Documentation

You have peace of mind that all of your documentation is compliant

Cost Effective

Lupin Chemical Management is cheaper than you may think and provides a rapid return on Investment

Proven Solution

Some of Australia’s leading companies and government departments rely on Lupin.

Proven Solution

Lupin Chemical Management Software enables you to effectively manage all data and documentation for the management of Dangerous Goods, Hazardous Substances and Scheduled Poisons and ensure that all documentation is compliant with statutory regulations.