Improve the efficiency, accuracy and profitability of Asbestos Audits. Easily create a compliant digital asbestos register. Capture and store photographs, site plans, work orders, clearance certificates. Generate a comprehensive risk assessment of all properties in your portfolio. Quickly access documents to ensure the safety of employees, contractors and visitors.


Cut Audit times in Half

Lupin AuditPRO Asbestos significantly cut the time taken to conduct audits with intuitive screens, photo upload with annotation and QR codes.  Using Lupin AuditPRO Asbestos to manage asbestos audits can save time and reduce errors associated with manual data entry and processing. This can lead to faster and more accurate identification and management of asbestos.

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Asbestos Inspection App

As part of your AuditPRO Asbestos License you have access to AuditPro Apps that feature the very latest in Asbestos auditing technology. Intuitive screens with minimal data entry capture and mark up photos, upload site plans, work orders all designed to significantly reduce the time taken to conduct audits. The Apps can be used online, offline anywhere. They allow auditors to conduct audits in remote locations where there is no connectivity and when the device is back within internet range the audit data will be automatically updated on the auditors (or end users) register.


Rapid Access To Vital Site Information

AuditPRO asbestos gives contractors easy access to photographs, site plans, the location of asbestos deposits work orders, clearance certificates. Contractors simply scan a QR code and all the information is instantly available

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Compliance Peace of Mind

AuditPro Asbestos auditing software can help organisations comply with regulations related to asbestos management by providing an automated and standardized process for auditing and tracking asbestos. It generates a digital asbestos register that is compliant throughout Australia and other countries.


Enhanced Risk Management

Asbestos auditing software can help organisations identify potential risks associated with asbestos and develop strategies to mitigate those risks. Portfolio Managers have the ability to quickly view the current status of a building portfolio. The software shows a list of all sites with their respective risk profile. In addition, with AuditPro Asbestos, organizations can access real-time data on asbestos in their locations, which can help inform decision-making related to property management, renovation, and demolition projects.


System Customisation

Every field in AuditPRO Asbestos can be turned on or off to suit the way that that you do business. Fields can be set to mandatory, or prepopulated, pulldown menus can be set. Date pickers, radio button all designed to improve the efficiency of the way you do business.


Cost Savings

AuditPro Asbestos software can help organisations be more efficient save money by reducing significantly cut the cost of creating and maintaining documentation and enable businesses to redeploy staff to more productive tasks. Web-based solutions so there are, no IT infrastructure costs. you can be up and running instantly.

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Cut audit times in half

Reduce the cost of maintaining data

Redeploy staff to more productive tasks

Lupin Systems
100% Compliance

Investing in AuditPRO asbestos gives you all the benefits.

Cut Audit Times in Half

Your audits will be more efficient more accurate and more profitable

Compliant Asbestos Register

Be rest assured your documentation will always be compliant

Make Smarter Business Decisions

AuditPRO provides real time data that puts you in control of your entire property portfolio

Easily Accessible documentation

Our system uses QR codes to ensure contractors have access to information and location of hazardous materials

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Provide management with comprehensive risk assessments of sites

Reduced Workload

Enable businesses to redeploy staff to more productive tasks

Proven Solution

AuditPRO is a proven solution that has been used by some of Australia’s leading companies and government departments to manage asbestos in their property portfolios for well over 10 years. It delivers massive cost savings, greater efficiency, and ensures that organisations meet their regulatory obligations.