When Asbestos Solutions commenced operations back in 2010, owner Ken Jones recognised that he needed a technology solution to record information and images from his asbestos audits.

In his previous position he had to use a paper-based system which he found to be slow, inefficient and notoriously inaccurate. It was sometime after that he was participating in a training course. The person running the course had spoken highly about Lupin HazMat (now Lupin Asbestos Management). When Ken opened the business in 2010 he investigated Lupin and other products and found that Lupin best suited his needs.

Today, Asbestos Solutions NT provides a total solution from Asbestos Auditing, testing & sampling, removal, asbestos management and registers to meet compliance for statutory regulations. Based in Marrara in Darwin, Asbestos Solutions provides their services throughout the Northern Territory including Allice Springs, Tennant Creek and Katherine.

According to Ken, “The Lupin software enables us to be much more efficient. We can conduct our audits using a tablet, use pull down boxes to input data, take photographs, mark the photographs where asbestos is located and it all happens in real-time”, he said.

“There is no need to go back to office and write up reports and decipher scribbled notes. It just saves an enormous amount of time.”

“For example, if you were to audit an average ground floor commercial building, it would normally take two days. With Lupin Asbestos Management it would only take 4 to 5 hours”, he said.