Under Australian law, chemical suppliers need to periodically review, revise, and update their safety data sheets (SDSs). Changes are made as necessary as new hazard info is found, new information about protective measures is ascertained, or changes are made to product information (i.e., composition, use).

In Australia, the manufacturer or importer of the hazardous chemical must:

  • review the SDS at least once every 5 years; and
  • amend whenever necessary to ensure that it contains accurate information, for example if new data becomes available which changes the chemical’s hazard classification.

However, many chemical manufacturers or importers have thousands of products each expiring at different times. So it becomes a nightmare to determine what SDSs are current, what are about to expire and what have expired.


To ensure employees and customers always have the correct information to manage chemicals in the workplace, Lupin’s Chemical Management software sends email notifications: For example, administrator(s) are notified of documents that will expire in the next 90 days. Users may subscribe to be notified of new documents loaded to the system.


If you need any assistance with classifications or the preparation of SDS’s and other documents call Kristy Titus on 0460 775 591