In 2019 a leading Melbourne based chemical business, Hilditch Pty Ltd implemented Lupin Chemical Management to manage its SDS’s.

Hilditch is predominantly involved in the trade, warehouse and distribution of base oils, fuels and other refined oil products, bulk and packaged chemicals as well as other specialty chemicals. They trade with many businesses throughout Australia, Asia, UK, Europe, South Africa and USA.

In 2017 Hilditch acquired Oilchem Pty Ltd, the largest solvent and lubricant distributor in Victoria. Their terminal in Epping has over two and a half million litre tank capacity, blending facilities and dangerous goods warehousing. In addition to oils, fuels and chemicals, they also warehouse and distribute industrial and automotive gas. In Australia, they partner with companies like Viva Energy as chemical, LPG and fuel distributors.

Prior to the acquisition, Hilditch was using Infosafe, while Oilchem had been using the Lupin HaRMs System (now Lupin Chemical Management) for several years. The Hilditch group wanted to consolidate to one system. It was decided that Lupin would better serve their requirements given that the majority of products were originally Oilchem and already managed in the Lupin System. In 2021,

Meagan Gardner joined Hilditch as Quality and Compliance Manager. In her previous employment she was responsible for implementing Lupin HaRMs. Prior to this SDS’s were managed manually and growth of the product range meant this was no longer a sustainable approach.

According to Meagan, “The Lupin System gives the peace of mind that product classifications are accurate, and our documents are compliant to regulatory requirements. Once SDS’s are finalised, they are immediately available on our website through a link to the Lupin System. This makes them easily accessible within our business and to our customers”, she said. “This process is really efficient and saves time and resources normally required to manually manage such documentation”.

While at the moment, Hilditch are only using the product for SDS management, they are looking to soon use the risk management functionality in the system.

Commenting on the Lupin support, Meagan said, “Greg and his team have extensive chemical expertise and are very prompt to provide us with advice and assistance when required”.