When you consider that most manufacturers and importers of chemicals have hundreds of SDSs and archived SDSs. So, finding a specific Safety Data Sheet becomes a time-consuming and inefficient task. It is further complicated when searching for an archived or revised SDS.

Using Lupin Chemical Management removes the obstacles in your SDS strategy by making them easier to find, easier to revise, and easier to communicate across organisational departments.

Lupin Chemical Management is a valuable, time-saving tool to quickly and accurately create GHS compliant Safety Data Sheet (SDS), product labels and other documentation. It also allows you to effectively manage your organisation’s library of safety data sheets.

It will significantly cut the cost of creating and maintaining documentation and provides reassurance that your documentation is compliant. Because it provides an enormous time saving to produce and maintain SDSs it enables businesses to redeploy staff to more productive tasks.

In addition, it provides management with a comprehensive overview of all chemicals used and stored in any of your sites. It facilitates simple distribution and archiving of documentation and alerts stakeholders when documents are approaching expiry date.


  • Easy creation of GHS compliant SDSs
  • Create regulatory compliant SDS and product labels with minimal data entry, for example, all relevant Dangerous Goods information gleaned from entering only UNNo and Packing Group
  • Consistent material classification and document generation across complete range of products
  • Create labels for decanted samples/ raw materials/laboratory reagents
  • Flexible template system allowing for simple documentation updates
  • Generate compliant SDS in PDF or Microsoft Word for further editing if required
  • Generate compliant LPS in PDF or Microsoft Word for further editing if required
  • Ability to add multiple “notes” to a material
  • Subscribe to expired document report identifying documents that have expired or are due to soon
  • Create linked materials, parent child relationship for quick update of identical products
  • Advanced search based on
    various criteria including UNNo, CAS, Poison Schedule, Hazard Classification and Dangerous Goods Class or Division
  • Create new material entries based on existing data
  • Document archiving for future reference
  • Email documents directly from application
  • Allow customers and users to “watch” a material or group of materials for automatic notification
  • Fully customisable role-based user administration

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