If you are still using a paper-based system to manage chemicals in the workplace, then you owe it to yourself to investigate the latest chemical management software.

Not only is the technology inexpensive you will find that in a very short space of time it will have paid for itself through cost savings and being able to redeploy staff to other tasks.

Stop to consider these benefits

  1. Create and maintain your own accurate safety data sheets (SDSs). No more third-party authoring fees.
  2. Provide simple and quick access to safety data sheets for all your employees, no matter where they are located.
  3. Ensure you are 100%, compliant with Australian WHS rules, and avoid costly WorkSafe fines.
  4. Have the peace of mind that you are protecting your most valuable asset …your employees.
  5. Easily manage your dangerous goods stores. Receive email alerts when maximum stocks allowed is exceeded.
  6. Make sure SDS’s are always current with email alerts to stakeholders when SDSs is are approaching their expiry date.
  7. Quickly generate comprehensive report such as risk assessments for management and chemical registry for regulatory agencies.

Perhaps the most advanced software product on the market in Australia is Lupin Chemical Management. It represents the very latest in chemical management technology with automatic classification and SDSs that can be translated into over 50 languages. This is extremely beneficial for companies that operate in global markets.