Lupin has recently produced a series of instructional videos for both it’s software products Lupin Chemical Management and AuditPro Asbestos Management.


These videos were designed to ensure that our users get the very best outcome from the use of the Lupin software, and that they can take full advantage of all the functionality.


Not only that, the videos provide prospective uses a clear overview of the capabilities of our products, just how easy they are to use and the many benefits you derive from using the products.


The titles include:


Chemical Management.

How to create an SDS in minutes.

How to set up access privileges.

How to create a new material.

How to add dangerous goods.

How to add hazard classifications.

How to input composition.

How to enter physical and chemical properties.

How to create material groups.

How to set up QR codes.

How to create a product label.

How to generate management reports.


AuditPro Asbestos Management

How to customise fields.

How to add a new site.

How to create site groups.

How to manage access privileges.

How to manage users.

How to manage locations.

How to set up risk levels.

How to manage attachment categories.

How to conduct an audit.

How to add a building.

How to create an Audit Report.

How to create other reports.


In addition, Lupin have also included overview videos for each of the products.


These videos can be found by clicking the video tab on our website or click the button below.